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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Hamas/Gaza War Musings #23: USA vis-à-vis Israel, A Sadistic Abusive Relationship

Last week the Jerusalem Post had a very interesting and well-timed column by Dr Mark Gropper, Co-dependency: Why can't I stop putting others before myself? At least I consider it well-timed, because of how the USA keeps treating the State of Israel.

I must admit that I don't usually read Gropper's column, but somehow I found myself reading it last Shabbat. It hit the spot, not in a personal way, but as an analysis of the State of Israel vis-à-vis the USA. To see our Prime Minister begging the USA and inviting Blinken to the Security War Cabinet and sharing our plans for attacking Gaza with Biden and accepting the verbal abuse by American officials is a classic example of "co-dependency," meaning an abusive relationship. 

This sort of behavior generally repeats, on and on with abuse getting stronger, more dangerous, and that's what has been happening.

America's latest condemnation of Israel is an attack on one of its army battalions, Netzach Yehuda, in which the soldiers are all Torah observant, some even chareidi. From Bibi's response, he seems to be surprised, but he shouldn't be. Each time that the Israeli government has tried to placate the United States and "correct" their alleged sin/mistake the USA comes out with a new and greater condemnation. That's the cycle of abuse. 

Just a few weeks ago, some aid workers were killed in Gaza, which is a risk for anyone in a war zone. Biden and crew went berserk, as if they had been intentionally targeted by Israel. Bibi didn't say "that's what happens in a war zone" and then remind the Americans of all the innocent victims of their own army actions. 

But what did Bibi do? He publicly blamed the IDF officers and fired them! Bibi couldn't have found a better  way to lower the morale of the IDF and their worried families. I guess he doesn't realize that we're voters

It's clear to me that Biden's crew is counting on Bibi kowtowing yet again. That's why they've now upped the ante and targeted Netzach Yehuda. Americans now insist that any armaments they've "given" to the IDF can't be used by soldiers of Netzach Yehuda. 

For the longest time I've been saying that Israel's true misconception aka "haconceptzia" is that the United States is an ally/friend of the State of Israel. 

It has been made public meaning it's no secret that in 1973 the United States had known well in advance that Israel was going to be attacked by whom and when. Bruce Brill's book Deceit of An Ally went through two rounds of censorship by the Americans, so it's clear that the USA admits it. I had been in Israel, already a mother of two living in Jerusalem, at the time of that war, and I felt strongly in my "kishkes" that Golda shouldn't have trusted Kissinger. Years later I met Bruce and heard his story, plus a friend reported something similar from someone who had been an American soldier stationed in Europe at the time. The USA was fully aware of the impending attack and did everything to convince Israel that Israel shouldn't take its own reports of suspicious activities on the border seriously. Foolishly Israel leaders trusted the Americans, and many Israeli lives were lost as a result. It's a total miracle that we won the war.

The Israeli government must not trust America, nor obey its dictates. It is so clear to me. Each time we follow its demands they follow it with worse demands!

Their plan for "after the war" to establish "Palestine" here proves that they are still "deceitful allies" at best. There's a real chance that that someday it will revealed that, like in 1973, the United States more than knew in advance about the massacre of October, 2023 and was probably involved in some way...

Israel must stop the cycle now. If not, things will only get worse, and it'll get harder.

There is one way to stop the cycle and finally show/prove to the USA administration, State Department etc that Israel will on longer accept American dictates. We must break this dangerous cycle of abuse. 



Sammy Finkelman said...

Re: Deceit of an Ally

It's true that the NSA had knowledge that there would be attack in 1973. This was reported in the New York Times in 1974 or 1975 - at any rate during the Ford Administration - when it reported on a classified part of a report by a commission headed by Nelson Rockefeller. Ot was a review of something about US intelligence agencies

The reason the NSA knew was that Sadat had informed Saudi Arabia in order to get agreement on an oil embargo. (This was the important point to Nelson Rockefeller - warning of the Arab oil embargo being not passed on)

It did not get put into the intelligence for the president because the CIA wanted to know the NSA;s sources and the NSA refused to reveal their sources to the CIA. So the CIA decided it was not going to pass that on.

Batya said...

Sammy, the American Army knew well in advance and had plans to enter as a "peacekeeping force." There were units based in Germany kept on base with desert gear from August until after the ceasefire with Egypt.
The USA was in cahoots