Hamas War

Friday, May 3, 2024

Hamas/Gaza War Musings #24: Time for Bibi to Distance Himself From Biden

In my previous War Musings,  USA vis-à-vis Israel, A Sadistic Abusive Relationship, I showed that the USA-Israel relationship is typical of serious emotional abuse. Now for another reason Prime Minister Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu must seriously distance himself from Biden and the Democrat Party.

Polls are showing that Biden and the extreme Left Progressive ANTI-ISRAEL Democrats are losing support in the United States. Republicans, especially President Donald Trump, are losing all respect for Netanyahu. 

It's time for Netanyahu to assert himself, act like the leader of an independent country -which he had been elected to be- and wean himself from the Biden administration "cold turkey." 

Biden and the Democrats are losing support, especially by those Americans who think and care about the State of Israel. Jews, who for generations, had been loyal Democrat voters, like Alan Dershowitz, now are traumatized as they realize that their party is supporting the anti-Israel and antisemitic university demonstrations. 

Bibi claims to be a wily, wise politician, but he's just acting like a pathetic victim of abuse. It's time to repair and expand Israel's relations with the Republican Party and Donald Trump. He shouldn't consider it "election interference" especially after Biden agreed with Schumer that Israel must vote Bibi out of office. 

I'm disgusted and embarrassed by Bibi Netanyahu's pathetic behavior.

Bibi, If You Can't Take the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen!!.


Rena said...

So, who do you see as a suitable leader for these very difficult times?

Batya said...

Likud's next in line should be given a chance. Bibi has failed for over a decades. He couldn't be bothered to defeat Hamas in all those short wars which he named as "operations." He's at fault for sure.