Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Olmert Sure Has a Way With Words

Olmert: Germany-Israel ties unparalleled in the world

Insanely unparalleled would be more like it. Israel is so quick to "forget" to try to pretend that everything's fine. That is when it comes to goyim, especially our enemies, those who have tried to destroy us.

At the same time a teenage girl is imprisoned for no reason. The original "complainant" isn't even pressing charges. Everyone admits that she was arrested for nothing, but the judge hasn't released her.

(IsraelNN.com) 18 former Prisoners of Zion are trying to get Tzivya Sariel freed from prison. The teenager has been imprisoned for three and a half months, because she refuses to recognize the right of a non-Torah legal system to prevent Jews from exercising their national rights in the Land of Israel.

Among the refuseniks who have come out publicly demanding 18-year-old Tzviyah's release are Ida Nudel, Yosef Mendlevitch, Silva Zalmanson, Natan Anatoly Altman,and Yosef Begun. In a letter to government ministers, they write that Tzviya's arrest is meant simply to humiliate her and deter others who agree with her. (complete article here)

Why can't the government be as friendly towards good Jews?

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