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Olmert Just Makes Double Digits!

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I emphasised two of the questions. That's the reason why in an earlier poll, it shows that Kadima, as a party, is touted to get 16 seats, more than the 12 that you'd think Olmert's backing would earn them.
Dahaf poll: 10% Olmert succeeded in role as PM

Saturday, March 29, 2008
Dahaf poll: 10% Olmert succeeded in role as PM

Dahaf poll: 10% Olmert succeeded in role as PM
Dr. Aaron Lerner 20 March 2008

Dahaf poll of 497 adult Israelis (including Israeli Arabs) conducted week of
March 18, 2008 for Yediot Ahronot.
Statistical error +/- 4.5 percentage points.

Did Ehud Olmert succeed in his role as prime minister?
Yes 10% No 59% Neither 30%

After two years, what grade do you give in in the following areas:
Security: Good 35% Bad 65%
Diplomacy: Good 38% Bad 61%
Economy: Good 44% Bad 55%
Education: Good 30% Bad 69%
Health: Good 49% Bad 51%
Personal security: Good 34% Bad 66%

Has Ehud Barak succeed in the role of defense minister?
Succeeded 24% Failed 35% Neither 46%

Who is most suited to be prime minister?
Netanyahu 32% Livni 24% Barak 16% None of them 27%
Netanyahu 31% Barak 20% Olmert 13% None of them 33%

Has your support for Olmert changed since he started the job?
Increased 5% Same 44% Declined 49%

Of those whose support declined - what caused it:
Lebanon War 31% General performance 21% Qassams 15%
Real estate scandals 11% Personality 8% Lack of belief in him 6%
Talks with Palestinians 3%

Who was the best prime minister

Begin 34% Rabin 32% Sharon 16% Shamir 7% Peres 3% Netanyahu 3% Olmert 1%
Barak 1%
Published in Yediot Ahronot on 228 March 2008

There's another important reason. The Israeli political system. You vote for party lists, not people. So, it's easy to rationalize a vote for Kadima, even if one doesn't trust Olmert. That's the basis of why Tzachi Hanegbi was able to call his party a "supermarket." You can find anything you want.

And why did I emphasize the questions about Bibi and Barak? Bibi, of Likud, and Barak, of Labor, are the alternatives, and they're both very unpopular former Prime Ministers. Look at the last question in the poll. They join Olmert (and Peres) as the worst PM's in Israeli history.

Ehud Barak really was the worst Prime Minister. His reign was Hell, literally, when Arab terror attacks became so frequent, people were afraid to leave their homes. Bibi's time wasn't that bad, but the media has been dedicated to his destruction as polticial leader.

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