Monday, March 10, 2008

Tamar, War Isn't So Simple

It's not enough to send our soldiers to war. Tamar Yona discusses it on her radio show and blogged about it, too.

We did defeat the Arabs in 1967, and the Moshiach was here, but then the politicians gave the key to Har Habayit to the Moslems and sent the Moshiach away. For a war to be totally successful, we need the right political leadership and the left is fighting us with everything they have and we have to fight back and not be like Menachem Begin, who kept turning the other cheek, Altalena etc.

Sending our soldiers with Olmert, Barak, Mofaz etc in charge is to kill them for nothing.

You can't just let soldiers fight without a leader with vision, who knows what we're all fighting for. Anarchy isn't a solution.

Standing on the sidelines like the Chareidim and Jews who live in Galut just weakens us. Why should our sons be your cannon fodder? The Moshiach won't reveal himself until we all unite and fight together.

The Reed Sea didn't open up until Nachshon entered, and it took until the water was up to his nose.

And if Avraham had refused to take Yitzchak to be sacrificed, he would have been punished for disobeying G-d's command. Remember that Yitzchak lived, he wasn't sacrificed, but he had to see the glint of the knife without flinching, or he wouldn't have been saved.

So all of you standing on the sidelines of Jewish History, hiding out in the Beit Medrish or your kosher pizza place in Toronto or Glatt Kosher restaurant in Golders Green, the Moshiach is waiting for you here in the Holy Land. There's an army uniform sewn and ready and a Teudat Zehut (Identity Card) waiting for your name.

Don't you dare give us orders form afar.

How can new leadership be voted in without your votes?

We have a beautiful Land with room for all of you. Hurry, please.


Anonymous said...

>Don't you dare give us orders form afar.

> How can new leadership be voted in without your votes?

I think that the sharp tone is unwarranted. We are all responsible for each other. Many in the diaspora have family, friends who live and serve in Israel (some have served themselves and then left), and many in Israel have family and friends who live outside of Israel.

We support each other, each according to his means, because we are one family. The aravah is no less necessary to a kosher succot than the etrog.

Regarding your second point ... it is a myth that we simply lack the numbers to change the leadership in Israel. There are millions in Israel now, today, whose minds are sympathetic to the cause ... go out and reach them.

Batya said...

I'm very sorry, just got back from my neighbors' whose son was murdered Thursday night. So, you'll please excuse me for being blunt.
If you can't say "Acharai, After me," please don't tell me what to do or how to do it.

Anonymous said...

Batya ... I grieve with you and your neighbor for your loss, and for the loss for all of Am Yisrael.

However, since we're being blunt, you *can't* say "Acharai", can you? You don't serve in a combat unit or in the reserves, and yet you have a right to vote on what the army should do, do you not?

Batya said...

Thank you

Of course I can say "acharai!"
I can say "acharai!" Make aliyah!

I can say "acharai!" Move to a yishuv!

I can say "acharai!" Travel the country!