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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thirty Years Back In Shiloh!

Last night we celebrated

Thirty Years of Re-Newed Jewish Life in the Ancient City of Shiloh!

Unfortunately, it was a scaled-down celebration after the murder of Shiloh teenager, Yonatan Eldar, HaYa"D, who was murdered at Merkaz HaRav less than a month ago.

There were three parts to the celebration. One was the voting for twelve pictures to be featured in the Shiloh Calendar, and the second was "Chidon Shiloh," A Shiloh-Knowledge Contest. The panelists ranged from young teenagers to grandfathers.

And, davka, the winner was neither, she was the young woman in the foreground of the picture below, Shlomit Shtavvi.

The third highlight of the evening was a fantastic Rip Van Winkle based movie about Shiloh. I hope it gets translated. It was really great!


RivkA with a capital A said...

Do you know if there will be a "living history" presentation at the historical Tel Shilo this Pesach?

If so, can you please email me details at:


muse said...

On Wed. chol hamoed, there will be activities for the entire family.