Saturday, March 15, 2008

We Have The Power

I have no doubt that we have the potential and the power to really change things to the better, if we really want to, if we're really willing to fight for it. We means us all, together.

The bottom line is that the IDF could be a great force for good if the best, the truly best, as I described in a previous post and also on my Arutz 7 blog, would join. Soldiers aren't chess pieces. They are humans with thoughts and opinions. Yes, they can say "no."

I'm an English teacher and a writer, and I want to remind you that "can" is used in the previous sentence to mean "ability." All soldiers, all people can say "no" and "should" say "no" when a higher authority, G-d, not their friends or celebrities on TV tell them. "Should" means: "It would be a good idea to..."

Unfortunately, and as shocking as it may sound "unfortunately" is the write word for this, we live in a democracy and we're dependent on the majority. And the majority is no great shakes. And the politicians are even worse. It's not just the politicians. Idealism isn't what it used to be.

When I was a kid, you volunteered helped your causes for nothing but the feeling that you're doing the right thing and want to change the world. Today, the kids get paid. So if they expect money, consider what the politicians expect.

G-d willing, there should be a Shavua Tov, a Good Week for all.


goyisherebbe said...

Refusal to obey illegal, immoral and anti-Torah orders is noble and fine, but insufficient. If many of our fine boys are asked to take down the homes of their fellow Jews and refuse, they will get either cowardly Jews whose salaries and careers are dependent on doing the bidding of those who send them, or else non-Jews in black or gray uniforms.
What is the solution? It is very sad, but the only way is active resistance. The soldiers and civilians who are loyal to the Jewish people, the Land of Israel and the Holy Torah, must not stand aside, but must defend our land with any means necessary. It is not enough to have elections and bring another faithless politician to head the government, we need a regime change. There is no need to fear America. Soon their three billion dollars of annual aid will be worth three shekels. Because we feared America more than Hashem, we gave away the energy independence of Sinai oil, a resource which we developed. If Ahmadinejad threatens to nuke us, we can nuke Mecca. We have no need to fear anyone except Hashem.

Batya said...

Basically we agree. I think we have to get our kids into the army. Already the generals admit that without our kids, they wouldn't manage, because the Ramat Aviv ones aren't the same quality.