Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just "Not Important Enough"

I found yitz's post, the one before this one, very encouraging. It's like an antidote to what I'm writing right now.

Last night, I caught a few minutes of a new "media" show on Israel's Channel One. I don't know anything about the presenter, but the information she gave was disturbing. She reported that while most of Israel's media was riveted by the terrible massacre at Merkaz Harav and then Friday's funeral for eight terror victims, Channel 10 totally ignored it.

We don't get any of the other channels, besides "one" and Jordan, so I'm not familiar with their programming nor advertisers. If you do know who/what advertises on channel 10, publicize and announce a boycott. Comment with the information, thanks!

And another problematic thing. Ever since the Arab terror attack on Merkaz, the police have been stressing that they are also prepared for Jewish revenge. There seems to be new Avishai Raviv's in our midst, which is very dangerous for us!


Lurker said...

I watched live coverage of the Merkaz HaRav attack and its aftermath Thursday night on Channel 10, for at least two hours. They preempted all their regular programming for it during that time.

Lurker said...

If you want to see something in the media worth getting upset about, then have a look at this.

This is an interview with Yitzhak Dadon, a student at Merkaz HaRav, and one of the two people who killed the terrorist. (The other was David Shapira.) It was broadcast live on Channel 2 Thursday night.

This clip was never shown again after its initial appearance, and they stopped even mentioning Dadon's name -- not only on TV, but also on the radio. Watch the clip, and you'll probably understand why.

Batya said...

lurker, I stand corrected. I based myself on the Chanel one program.
About Dadon, it's strange that he has been left out of some of the reports. There's a lot of contradiction. It may be that the Shapira guy didn't mention him. Maybe he was so focused on the terrorist that he didn't notice that the terrorist was being shot by Dadon. I'd like the see the two together, trying to reconstruct what really happened.
A few hours after I was run over in a terror attack, we were invited for a session like that, and it was very helpful for the security people to reconstruct what happened.

Lurker said...

Ehud Barak and the Jerusalem Post seem to believe that Dadon shot the terrorist:

"Barak also escorted Yitzhak Dadon, a student who shot the terrorist, who reconstructed his experience."

Batya said...

lurker, thanks for the added info.

goyisherebbe said...

Come on, people, the television is a tool of the elite to brainwash the masses. Let's have a big demo of people piling up their TV sets and torching them. We need to have our heads as clean and as clear and as free as possible for the spiritual warfare we are engaged it at present. Get rid of your television as soon as you can!

Batya said...

Know thy enemy.
For years we didn't have one. Today, now that I'm in the hasbara field I find it important to know what the enemy is saying to counteract.