Tuesday, March 18, 2008

*I could be wrong* Jerusalem Post Goofs Again

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Yeshiva rabbi stabbed at Damascus Gate

49-year-old man in moderate condition in what police describe as a terror attack; suspect on loose.

Police stand guard at the scene of Tuesday's stabbing, in front of the Damascus Gate.
Photo: AP

This is not the Damascus Gate. The Damascus Gate has steps!!

Thanks to a friend.

Report: Ahrar al-Jalil Claims Stabbing Attack
(IsraelNN.com) The Israeli-Arab terrorist group Ahrar al-Jalil (Free People of the Galilee) has claimed responsibility for a stabbing attack in the Old City of Jerusalem on Tuesday morning. The group has claimed responsibility for several terrorist attacks, most of which were later proven to have been perpetrated by other groups.
Rabbi Yechezkel Greenwald of the Samaria town of Beit El was lightly wounded in the attack. A student managed to fend off the terrorist attacker before he could cause more serious harm.

So where was it?


Anonymous said...

Compare carefully with this picture - I think it really is the Damascus Gate. Perhaps it was remodeled recently and they removed the steps?


Batya said...

Take a good look; they're not the same. Also look at the picture of the dancing with the flags, which I took at the Damascus Gate. I'm pretty sure the stabbing looks like the New Gate,which isn't far from it.

Batya said...

The flag picture in the banner of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Look at the decorative arch above the gate. Examine the pattern of dark and light stones below and to the right of that decorative arch. It is exactly the same in my and your pictures. There is one longish dark stone, 3 rows down from where the arch begins, touching short dark stones to the upper right and upper left of it.

There are other clear similarities, such as the firing slits, the circles in between the firing slits, and the black railing on right which slopes upward after a little bit.

It is most definitely the same gate.

And I do wonder why, and when they remodeled it.p

Batya said...

I've been there many times, and it looks like the New Gate, the one between Shechem and Yaffo.

Whaty What? said...

obviously this doesn't prove anything, but i was walking outside of shaar schem on the day it happen, and police (with pretty horsies!:p) were crowd controlling....