Friday, March 21, 2008

Maariv is Worse Than...

Last night, as I was finishing the fast and getting ready for Purim, hearing the Megillah, only twice this year, I wrote up the story, Behind Hester's Pannim. It may be "fiction," but this morning that headline makes it seem so real. Yes, I'm not a fiction writer. I can write satire and other forms of humor, but everything I write is based on reality.

Israel's extreme Left media has invented its own perverse rules/principles of what they call morality. No place in the world, no people in the world and no place in history is there a society which has ever lived according to these rules.

After the Purim holiday which celebrates our military victory over Haman and his followers, we get ourselves ready for Passover by cleansing our homes of the chametz the forbidden fermentation.

Have a Healthy and Joyful and Jewish Purim

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