Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pigu'a, Not "Iru'a," Attack Not "Event"

Seven or eight (conflicting reports) yeshiva students were murdered this evening while studying in the Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva, in Jerusalem.

On the media, they--including the military interviewed--kept referring to it as an iru'a not a pigu'a. Those two words aren't synonyms at all.

Pigu'a is an attack involving victims and aggression. It is not used for anything harmless or innocent. Iru'a, on the other hand, is an event, like a wedding, party, etc. And ulam iru'im, events hall, is used for weddings and other celebrations.

And while I'm ranting, I was upset to hear Jerusalem's Mayor Lupiansky say that the "wall" must be completed to keep the terrorists out, a totally unrealistic expectation. The wall is no "Messiah." It won't keep anyone safe. Besides that, we were hearing very broad hints from the TV journalists that the terrorist was a Jerusalemite, an Arab one, of course.


Anonymous said...

Yeah; after all, the walls will really stop the rockets.

Batya said...

A neibor's son is one of the terror victims.

The terrorist was from east Jerusalem.

Anonymous said...

I hear where you are coming from but I suppose that since we are all arm-chair generals, we keep our language professional. An attack on two people, an attempt to infiltrate a border fence, a massacre of thirty people are all 'events' in the jargon. 'E.Ra.N.' is a multiple wounded event - the same term used in a major traffic or terror attack.

Nonetheless, I wish the regular media were more like the religious stations - 'Kol Chai' would regularly break away from their radio reporting for tehillim, Arutz7 on the net is also reporting from a Jewish POV.

This is another reason for people to stop consuming the regualr secular media. Their secular detached [biased] reporting enters one's psyche without you even noticing.

Batya said...

josh, The "jargon" is carefully chosen, just like rackettot instead of kassams.