Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Change" is a Catchy Slogan

From the Jerusalem Post:
America Decides 2008
Obama-mania and cult of self-esteem
Obama supporters really couldn't care less what policies he advocates.

It's all in the marketing, the labels, the packaging. Politics is just a business. How could anyone forget how Nixon lost to Kennedy by a whisker? If only he had shaved immediately before their debates. Underarm sweat-guards would have helped, too. According to the popular vote, it was a very close election. But the United States Presidential Elections are not according to the "popular vote." It's not a true democracy.

"Change" is a magic word. Everyone interprets it according to his/her own needs and desires.

“This is the first time I’ve voted Democrat, ever,” he said, sounding surprised. He said he supported Mr. Obama because he believed he could actually bring about at least some of the change that is the core of his message. (complete article)

It's brilliant.

The Clinton-Obama fight is going to end up between the popular vote and the state--winner takes all system, since the choice of a party candidate isn't simple math. Many of the delegates are required to vote according to the majority decisions in their states. It's similar to the Electoral College, the terribly out of date and undemocratic American Presidential Election system. If Clinton gets the nomination, it will be because of that system.

If that happens, I wonder if Obama will then campaign to finally retire the Electoral College and all remnants of it. That would be a good change for America.

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