Monday, March 3, 2008

Chelm's a Joke, But This Isn't Funny

News is already reporting that Israel is withdrawing from Gaza, but the government has never bothered reporting its war aims. Actually they're referring to it as "an operation." Funny, the use of the word. Doctors, nowadays, refer to "operations" as "procedures." Following euphemisms can be quite an adventure.

The government claims that the "operation" is for "Israel's defense." But they stress that it's not to hurt or damage anyone other than Hamas.

The more the government explains and apologizes, the more we're condemned. It's seen as a sign of guilt, weakness and doubt.

Doubt in Hebrew is ספק, "saffek." Our sages tell us that the Gematriya of "saffek" is the same as for Amalek. Amalek attacked us when we showed weakness and always attacked the weakest elements.

Amalek doesn't show mercy, and G-d commanded Saul, our first king, to destroy Amalek and all his possessions. Saul lost the right to rule when he didn't obey that commandment.

As King Solomon wrote:
אין חדש "Ain chadash," There's nothing new...

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