Sunday, March 23, 2008

Do You Remember Dick Cheney?

Cheney's the guy who tried covering up the fact that he had accidentally shot his friend's face. And he was US Vice President at the time. OK, it's not Teddy's Chappaquidick dead campaign worker scandal, but still.

Why did he rush off to Israel just after McCain left?

I've tried to ignore Cheney ever since he came on the scene as US Veep. If you
asked or googled my blog, you won't find him mentioned much, if at all. But today, I just can't stomach all the quotations attributed to him. I must get this out of my system before I get back in the classroom tomorrow. I wouldn't want my students to suffer because of him.

Cheney: Terror Destroying Palestinians' Hopes

Now, why is it so difficult for him to understand that "terror" and "Palestinians" are one and the same. If you took away the terror, they wouldn't be the Pseudistinians he so loves.

That brings me to another point:

"The US remains "strongly committed" to the establishment of a Palestinian state, Cheney said. Achieving that, he said, "will require tremendous effort at the negotiating table and painful concessions on both sides." (complete article)

If he has all the answers and knows what he wants from us, then what is there to "negotiate" about?

And why should we be forced to offer "painful concessions" for something that has as its main goal our annihilation?

When McCain was here, he was very clear that the United States would never allow itself to be attacked the way Israel has been over the years. I guess that's why Cheney's here, to make sure that nobody listens to McCain and destroys the terrorists.

Cheney, get lost. I prefer McCain!


Leora said...

So, does that mean you will register to vote in the fall election?

Batya said...

no, sorry
just blogging to resident US citizens and those who will vote from abroad.