Thursday, March 27, 2008

Can Either of Them Win?

As the northern hemisphere goes into daylight savings time, the US Presidential "pre-race" is almost finished. The Republicans have McCain, who no longer has to campaign against his fellow Republicans, but the Democrats have a bigger problem, a very serious one.

The two front-runners would both be "firsts." Hillary would be the first female and Obama the first black. They are like oil and water. There's no way they can somehow combine their forces on one ticket. Certainly not now, after Obama has taken the lead. If Hillary had a resounding lead, then maybe Obama would be a suitable VP, but not now and certainly not the reverse.

In the privacy of the voting booth, with curtains closed, the chances are that more Obama "supporters" would pull the Republican "lever" than if Hillary was the Presidential nominee.

Polls are "in theory," and it's not PC to tell the truth. Obama's being black colors what people are willing to admit. Not only is he young, but he doesn't have much experience. His core group of advisers include many extremists. He has been packaged well, but that is all hype. Middle America, the "silent majority," prefer something else. Would they be happy with Hillary? I don't think so.

McCain will probably win, not because his politics and policies are what the majority want, but like choosing the right answer on a multiple-choice test, by the process of elimination, he's what's left.


Anonymous said...

multiple choice...

Please select the value that correctly solves the equation.

(3+3) = ?

a) -5
b) -1
c) +2

Yes. McCain isn't the answer, but perhaps Hashem will spare us all at least the Muslim.

Batya said...

November is such a long way off...