Friday, March 7, 2008

Terror in Jerusalem

If you've been wondering why the injured in the pictures look so young, it's because most of the victims are just high school boys. That will be clear when the list of victims is officially released. Merkaz Harav has a yeshiva high school, Yeshiva L'Tzi'irim, considered a top notch school.

Another thing:
Last night on live TV, a man was interviewed, Yitzchak Dadon, who described how he shot the terrorist after the terrorist had left the library and then someone else "finished him off." When the reporter asked what weapon the terrorist had, Dadon said it was a weapon that Peres gave him and then "got political." After that his interview wasn't repeated, though others were.

Some reports mention Dadon and others credit a tzanchan, paratrooper, named Shapiro, who lives nearby, heard the noise and came in, (like in the movies,) found the terrorist and killed him. He could be the one Dadon said "finished off" the terrorist. But considering that most of the older students in Merkaz are army veterans, and some do go with personal weapons, it seems strange that nobody reacted until Shapiro came in.

I trust that the truth/clarification will come out at some point.

Many people, including the media, are mocking Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski for claiming that completing the sic security wall would have prevented the terror attack. The terrorist lived in Jerusalem and had all the documents needed to move around freely.

Baruch Dayan Emet
Rafuah Shleimah
HaMokom Y'Nachem

Chodesh Adar Sheini Tov--Nahafochu! We must reverse/change this terrible situation.

Mercaz Harav hit by capital's worst terror attack since April '06

Yesha rabbis: Government responsible for yeshiva massacre
"The responsibility for the massacre lies with the governments of Israel, which for years have displayed weakness and exhaustion and have seen to the armament of the enemy," the Yesha Rabbinical Council wrote in a ...Full story


YMedad said...

Actually, they did repeat that interview which got "political" including the part it which he called the terrorist a 'beheima' at the 11:30PM news.

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