Sunday, March 2, 2008

"'Disproportionate' use of force by Israel," I Agree

EU condemns 'disproportionate' use of force by Israel / Associated Press
European Union issues official condemnation of IDF operation in Gaza, says it rejects collective punishment of Gazans, deeply worried about civilians' suffering on both sides
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Yes, considering that the Arabs are indiscriminately shooting rockets, kassams and more dangerous missiles at innocent Israeli civilians we are not taking proportionate action.

The Arab terrorists must fear us, and they don't. They mock, tease and attack.

Everyday their fire range increases, and we suffer more and more casualites, and this farce of a government still thinks that restraint and negotiations are the key. We need a government led by people who believe our citizens are top priority, and our country is the most important.


Aaron K. said...

The term of choice again seems to be "Disproportionate use of force" which means that Israel should use just enough force to fail. Of course, the numbers quoted in the foreign media are mostly terrorists but not identified as such. And little is mentioned that the terrorists are once again operating from civilian area, a violation of the same international law that the world loves to quote, but only when it can misquoted re Israel. The media will continue to publish pictures of poor civilians and quote Abass how Israel is committing genocide, etc. And while some foreign powers, including "allies", are once again calling on both sides to cease blah blah blah, others blame Israel outright; neither recognizing Israel's right of defense.

I seem to have heard all this a number of times before. Pick any conflict where Israel has had to defend itself, just change the dates and it will read the same.

Bottom line: Israel has to do what it has to do.

Unfortunately, the PM is just as concerned about attempting to unilaterally fulfill his part of Bush's disastrous Road Map and reach an agreement w/ the P.A. The result is that he fails to what must be done to protect Israel until the situation gets out of hand. He should have responded with STRONG force when the first rockets landed in Sderot. Yet after every terrorist provocation, the govt has responded with what Steven Platt calls RRH=the threat to respond REALLY REALLY HARD. Of course, this threat is repeated after every terrorist attack. History has shown that Arab forces respect, or perhaps, fear, force. They have perceived Israel's threats over the past years as weakness.

Case in point: HaAretz reported that Barak has asked the Justice Minister to determine if it is legal to target terrorists operating from civilian areas. So now the courts are again determining strategy. Instead of consulting International Law, which is only applied to Israel, Barak should consult Jewish Law - "If someone comes to kill you, kill him first."

Batya said...

aaron k, you are right, 100%.