Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good Question

Is Israel a True Democracy?
On Shabbat I read and excellent article:
Civil disobedience, the last we heard, is no crime in a credible democracy (which Israel claims to be) complete article

It discusses the extremely different ways the media has treated "ex-con Tali Fahima - found guilty in 2005 of aiding and abetting the enemy" and Tzviya Sariel, who spent four months in jail, because she wouldn't cooperate with the court. The judge wouldn't release her, even though she wasn't really charged with anything.
Israel's media, which is extremely Left wing, made Tali into a "heroine" and ignored the idealistic religious teenager, Tzivia.
Today, another nail was hammered into Israeli freedom of expression when Yekutial Ben-Yaakov was convicted in court:

Six-Month Sentence for Asking: Should We Expel Arabs or Jews?
Ben-Yaakov, convicted over a private referendum, was sentenced to 200 hours of community service, along with a suspended six-month jail sentence.more
It's not enough to just rant. We have to fix this government. We also need a strong alternative media, radio and TV. The internet isn't enough.

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