Friday, March 28, 2008

Polls Apart

I've never really liked the election polls. People take them much too seriously. Every week, there are some new polls published. Politicians make their plans and announce their opinions according to how they analyze the polls.

These aren't real elections and officially the date of the next Knesset elections is in two years. Of course, it may be a lot sooner, especially since the MK's have just completed their two year pension requirements.

If elections were held today how would you vote
(expressed in mandates - no
indication how many were undecided)
Actual Knesset today in [brackets]
16 [29] Kadima
19 [19] Labor
26 [12] Likud
11 [12] Shas
11 [11] Yisrael Beteinu
08 [09] Nat'l Union/NRP
06 [06] Yahadut Hatorah
06 [05] Meretz
04 [00] Green Party
03 [00] Social Justice (Gaydamak Party)
** [00] Tafnit - headed by Uzi Dayan
** [07] Retirees Party
10 [10] Arab parties
** does not reach minimum for Knesset

The NU-NRP seems stronger in this poll than I'd expect. Maybe it's because there's no alternative party listed. We don't know who and what will be running.


Anonymous said...

Where are the NU/NRP politicians?! Why are they waiting until the elections to get out and meet the people? Why aren't they sticking there noses in everyone's business? They should be showing up at every hachnasat sefer torah, or Jewish event to raise visibility. I didn't vote for them last few times, and don't see that changing any time soon due to my perceived lack of change. It's no wonder they're not getting more votes, even with the orange population growing slightly each year due to more yeshiva/ulpana kids getting past the magic 18, I suppose as those numbers rise, so do the numbers of orange people who are leaving the circle of voters.

Now's the time to try and re-legitimize the NU/NRP, not 60 days before the next elections.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that Kadima can still gain so many votes! What's going on?

Batya said...

Josh, a, You've both brought up very important points.
NU/NRP is coasting and I'm amazed that the polls show it holding its own, when they're doing nothing to deserve support. Eldad has been teasing about a new party, but he's not a mean and hungry enough of a politician to pull it off.

a, that's the weakness of democracy. Most people are stupid and the media keeps hyping how Kadima is better than the alternative--Bibi and the Likud