Sunday, August 13, 2006

You don't have to be a genius

Ok, I admit that in a way, I'm cheating, since I'm old enough to remember some historical events. In addition I've always liked newspaper reading, politics and history.

One thing has stayed constant the past few decades, Lebanon is incapable of keeping its territory peaceful. It's not an "ancient country." It was given independence by the French in 1943, and it's name doesn't even appear on maps as separate from Syria.

Syria was ruled by France until 1946. Interesting facts, generally ignored. Besides WWII, the 1940's were busy years on the "independence" scene. India, Pakistan and Israel also became independent then, though they had been ruled by Great Britain. Actually other countries in the Middle-East aren't much older. Take a good look at the maps. (map sources: Map showing the decline of the Ottoman Empire, Map showing the British Mandate) Look at how much of the middle-east was shared by European empires, less than one hundred years ago.

On the maps, you'll see no country, nor nation, called Jordan; Transjordan is a name for the territory on the eastern, "other side" of the Jordan River. There was no nation, nor People, called "Palestine;" it was just the name given to the territory on the western side of the Jordan River.

The only native or historical people in the middle-east fighting for its independence was the Jewish People.

The other countries and all of the borders were drawn and invented by international politicians and diplomats. After constantly cutting down/reducing the land allocated to a Jewish State by the Balfour Declaration, in November, 1917, we were left with an indefensible slice of territory. It was just our victory in the War for Israeli Independence, a defensive war against the British Mandate and all of the Arabs who attacked us, which left us with a slightly larger territory.

Getting back to Lebanon...
The Hizbollah, may not be the official government, but it rules in southern Lebanon, the territory closest to Israel, and that's why the cease-fire is so farcial. Hizbollah, correctly, sees it as a victory, and that's not only a danger to Israel; it's a danger to the entire world!

The "peacekeeping force" will not be able to keep the peace; that's for sure. It won't even manage to pick up all the pieces of what Hizbollah destroys.

Israeli soldiers died in vain, because they were sent to fight for nothing. There was no battle plan, because the government never planned on destroying the enemy. Your can't make peace with real terrorists, people who enjoy, are proud of murdering civilians.

The Israeli Government must be changed! It must be toppled, nothing superficial and cosmetic. Let Olmert hide out with his draft-dodger sons abroad. Let Tzachi stay in Florida. Rumor has it that not a single minister has a son fighting on the front lines. Those who ruled during this defeatist war don't even have a moral right to be in future oppositions. They must resign from politics and public life forever!

Israeli leadership used to say "after me!" Now they sit in their safe bunkers and send others into danger. Olmert said that he's "tired." If he's "tired," he should retire. He must!

After a forest burns down, different plants grow. And I believe that once we have a chance to clean out all of these tired, corrupt politicians, we will be pleasantly surprised by the fresh, new leadership that will fill the vacuum, G-d willing.


Anonymous said...

how nice for you to be so optimistic

Batya said...

We must, or what's there to live for?

Esser Agaroth said...

B"H You're right. Lebanon is not an ancient country at all. Actually, as you know, Southern Lebanon was part of an ancient country...Israel. You don't suppose that we could convince our fellow Jews and map-makers to begin referring to So. Lebanon as included in "Mateh Asher" and "Mateh Naftali," do you?

No, I suppose not....

Batya said...

Yaaqov, that's brilliant! Let's start. Write a post about it, with a map, and send it around. Include any other areas which really are ours.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is that even in Israel most don't know history. Ask some of the oldsters (a dying breed) who remember the 1920s. They will tell you that the grandfathers of 80% of Arabs here today came from the surrounding areas to look for work (read Joan Peter's book "From Time Immemorial" ISBN 0-9636242-0-2).
And we really need a complete social shakeup: we must empower those who have true faith in G-d, integrity, vision, and the will to fight. Who should lead us? No, not Efi Eitam or Bibi, but maybe someone from Hevron or Itzhar.