Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Post-War Fallout

Maybe "Post-War" isn't the most accurate term, since the UN's "ceace fire" resolution doesn't hold water when it comes to Hizbollah, which rules Southern Lebanon.

All the international bodies and "well-meaning" countries are collecting money to re-build the Hizbollah camoflaged villages etc in Lebanon, but I haven't heard of them sending their millions to rebuild the shattered, blitzed Kiryat Shmoneh, Tzfat, Nahariya, Haifa etc.

Yesterday I called the Yeshiva Tichonit Mateh Binyamin in Beit El, where I teach, to find out when the school year will begin. It's generally close to the beginning of the Jewish month of Ellul, meaning that this year it should be in August. They told me that there are refugees from the north in the dorms and the Rosh Yeshiva is in the army, so it was decided to delay the first day of school for a week. Apparently, the Education Ministry is weighing the option of starting the school year even later for the entire country. My guess is that we won't have Chanukah off, and the Passover Vacation will be shortened along with the next summer one. And that's being optimistic, that we won't have another war really soon.

Many school buildings in northern Israel were destroyed by the Hizbollah, and it will take a while to reorganize. Also, considering how unfinished the war is, many northerners may be looking for new homes, further south. Soldiers' reports aren't encouraging.

Even worse, I find myself agreeing with Syrian President Bashar Assad that America's Mideast 'an illusion' . How's that? You know that I'm always saying that we must listen to our enemies. They may lie about how many casualties and whether a terrorist is a civilian, but their aims are clearly expressed: They want to destroy us, G-d forbid!

They claim victory, and they're right.

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