Monday, August 21, 2006

loans vs aid

No "free ride" for Israel. We're being offered loans, while Lebanon gets aid from all sorts of places.

We're expected to take care of our own, rebuild our schools and public buildings, help the new homeless, whose homes are destroyed or badly damaged. Yes, there have been Jewish communities doing fund-raising and donating generously. Many are looking for specific projects, since they know that many charities (of all sorts, including some of the big American ones) give large salaries and waste high percentages on "overhead."

The world's sympathy goes to the agressors, the terrorists, and they claim that we control the media?!

Picture from This ongoing war.


M. Simon said...

Less socialism = greater profits.

Greater profits = more for rebuilding.

Lower taxes jump started the American economy.

Some economists think that all taxes over 20% produce is tax evasion.

Batya said...

I've never been a socialist. the Unions almost killed my grandfather in the 1920's.