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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"Peace" Poll?

Newsweek has a poll. I agree with the results, at this time, but I don't agree with the question: Are U.N. peacekeepers likely to bring peace to Lebanon?

At this moment 77% say "no."

Now my problem is with the wording.
  • Who was attacked?
  • Who is being victimized?
  • Who needs to be protected?

So why should the U.N. need to bring peace to Lebanon? It's Israel which is so desperately desiring "peace." Of course, it acts like a woman who thinks that sex is love, so by desiring to be "loved," she'll let anyone do what they want with her.

Sorry, Ehud and Amir, those "peacekeepers" are just guarding the gates so no one will interfere during the "gang bang."


beakerkin said...

I have no faith in the UN or Europeans, both are fairly useless.

My site was known for it lively boards. However, due to the anti-Communist content we attracted a series of spammers.

The nut above John Brown, would post 90 vulgar comments alone. I found his Achiles heel and he has stopped being a plauge in my community. I do not write about Israel much. I leave it for those who are more well versed. The subject is brought up daily by the plethora of anti-semitic Communist types.

I am throwback to the era of Cold War liberals. The far left types disgust me.

Batya said...

I've never been popular enough to attract that sort of trouble. Though I do post some unexpected opinions...