Friday, August 18, 2006

Don't get too excited.

Peres, architect of the infamous Oslo Accords and "new Middle east," is now hinting that Resettlement, Convergence, his and Olmert's Ethnic Cleansing Plan to transfer, exile, Jews from most of Judea and Samaria, may be put on a "back burner" for awhile. Don't get happy so quickly. Those guys are pretty sneaky.

Reading carefully, we can easily see that they don't admit any fault with their plan in general, in terms of the Ethnic Cleansing, but they want to avoid the "unilateral," giving something valuable for nothing in return stigma.

So now, very simply, they will look for a "partner" to "negotiate with," some Arab they can convince to "promise us" something in exchange for making most of Judea and Samaria juden rein, G-d forbid.

Olmert, Peres, Mofaz and the rest of those crooked politicians who brought us into this mess must be banned from public office for life! An objective Commission of Inquiry must be established immediately. It must also investigate the entire lack of proper planning and the "Modiin," Military Information Bureau, which ignored the Hizbollah terror infrastructure in Southern Lebanon, ever since Ehud Barak had Israel flee from there.

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