Thursday, August 17, 2006

It's like that game, "hot potato"

Amir Peretz is the unlucky one left holding the "hot potato" when the music stopped.

You can almost feel sorry for him, but since he had been running the Histadrut which cost the economy billions of DOLLAR$, he deserves to get burnt, but it's not all his fault.

Now the nebich is kvetching that nobody told him what was going on in Southern Lebanon after Israel fled from it. No great surprise, the senior IDF officers didn't want him to know; they didn't want anybody to know. They were hoping to be long gone before it exploded.

Everyone involved in Israeli Defense, including all Prime Ministers and Knesset Defense Committees, etc, since the decision was made to flee Lebanon is guilty. And I'd also include that expensive "advisor" Ehud Barak paid to help him get elected Prime Minister! Of course, Barak could have and should have said:

If he had the good of the country as his aim, rather than his own selfish ambitions, it would have had been clear to him. He's also the one credited with changing the basic focus of the IDF from officers leading on the ground: "Acharei, after me!" to the present system of "remote control technology."

Now I wonder what Peretz thought was being built in Southern Lebanon... a miniature golf course?


ShoshanaRubin said...

Batya, you wrote a very good article in Arutz Sheva. Bravo!

Batya said...


It appeared first here on Shiloh Musings!