Tuesday, August 1, 2006

week #1 in NY

I can't believe that it's a full week since I've landed.

The war in Israel is continuing, more soldiers, more wounded, more dead and more innocent Jewish civilians, in innocent Israeli towns, villages and cities attacked by the Arabs.

If you call the attackers, Hizbollah or Lebonon or Syria or combined Arab forces, it's all the same.

My big question/ is why are only Arab civilians referred to as "innocent?"

The same thing I noticed before I left is continuing. Israelis are never referred to as "innocent civilians," but the Arabs always are. Pictures generally show Israeli soldiers and suffering Arabs.

There are references to the "destruction of Israel" as a (G-d forbid!!!) possiblity, which is new for sure. It's very frightening.

I hear of more Israeli reserves being called up.

I hate to repeat myself, but it's still clear that this present Israeli political "leadership" is incapable of making the kind of decision, build the battle plan, create the "vision" we need to survive.

Tonite is the AFSI evening, 8pm,
Fifth Avenue Synagogue

We all must find something to do to save the Jewish State,
to save the Jewish People!


123 said...

I have (US) cable news again, after a months absence. The "stories" are all over the place. The debates go from continued warfare to ceasefire. If we have both then we have just one..

As you note; There is too much (Arab) Lebanese victimhood promoted in news here. Queen Noor was on the infamous CNN last night. She literally got tongue tied trying to list the phoney tenets of occupation and Arab victimhood. What she was really doing was justifying Arab attacks, nothing more nothing less.

We all know that twenty-two Arab nations, some with trillions of petro-dollars, are not the victim of Israel or anything else.

Q.Noor must be as taken by isolated Arabs, and their forced poverty, as are the Saudis. The Saudis have already promised over a Billion Dollars to rebuild Lebanon. Where were their billions going before Lebanon attacked Israel? The Arab poor in Lebanon weren't getting the money.

So the poor Arabs are victims of whom?

By default; The news here (US) keeps portraying Israel as a powerhouse surrounded by haphazard militias who are both "dangerous" and unaccountable but not capable of destroying Israel. These "militias" have residencen in Arab states. as always.

Hizbullah was quickly presented in US news as a threat to the US. Yes, while Israel is in another two front war, US news was magnifying Hizbullah as the new al qaeda. Photo after photo of Nasrallah were shown for days and embellished with the threat of terror attacks in the US.

The Hizbullah/Nasrallah focus started just after the Lebanese/Hizbullah/Arab attack on Israel. (Which came after the identical ArabHamas attack and hostage taking from ArabGaza.)

Take note; At one point this guy, Nasrallah, announced that he had defacto Lebanese permission to start the war against Israel. It's as if he thought, or knew, he was cornered and/or setup. That may be why he started pointing the finger at the Lebanese Gov't. (Read into that what you will..)

Then, as a tragic but incredible parallel to all; A maniac starts shooting people in Seattle. The killer shouts "political" statements before killing and wounding people. This murder is then tied to "the war on terror" by US news reports. By default that implies the fiction of occupation (as done by Q.Noor).

All of these ideas are absorbed by people "just as they are presented" in media.

Hizbullah is Lebanon's military. Which is another Arab Military. It's an Arab Military attacking Israel. again.

It's the same war/fare.

At the same time come the announcements of enormous Arms deals/pacts. (look here- http://www.imra.org.il/) It's an eye opener.

And furthermore; What nonsense about an "International Force" occupying Southern Lebanon. The UN "International Force" did just that, for years. Lebanon/Hizbullah prepared for warfare within the view of the UN and virtually under UN watch. "UN Observers" do alot of watching.

I wish there was a better perspective to write about. But the pattern here is obvious. Arab victimhood is promoted often, and then, occasionally, a news' voice becomes super pro-Israel. What does that add up to?

There is alot of pro-Israel sentiment here in the US. That is when we're not watching reality tv. The US point of view is shortsighted though. The American working class is, of course, quite large and not inclined to understand the Middle East. Israel is a place over there, somewhere, but we support her, somehow. Affluent Americans are not inclined to contradict US Gov. positions. The catch is that supporting Israel at this moment is not the same as Supporting Israel but one cannot say that support is anything but good. sigh.

Hope, Prayers,

M. Simon said...

Try this for a battle plan:

Tactics, Strategy, Grand Strategy