Thursday, August 10, 2006

Welcome home, Batya!

Welcome back to your blog, Batya. My wife Janet returns next Wednesday. Hope we haven't made a mess, left dirt on the virtual carpet or anything. Here at Shiloh Musings Yitz and I have held the fort, taken out the garbage, watered the virtual plants and fed the virtual animals, whatever. I have acquired the taste for blogging, learned a few elementary tricks and intend to keep doing it and using it as a tool. Blogging is powerful. Let's get the word out so that people know we're here. A number of posts will go out on the Root & Branch e-mail list, and some of the divrei Torah which pertain to coaching and human growth will appear on a new blog which I am working on (not public yet) with colleagues in Torah life coaching. Soon to come: Janet's series "You already know some Hebrew", dedicated with a prayer for a successful aliya and good health of Janet's parents, Murray (Moshe) and Shirley (Shoshana) Kasten, planning aliya on the December Nefesh B'Nefesh flight.

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Batya said...

You guys have done a great job!