Monday, August 7, 2006

Is Olmert Relenting?

I subscribe to the axiomatic wisdom of one Yogi Berra, who used to say, "It ain't over till it's over."

Nevertheless, despite this post here by GR:
Olmert has put his foot in it recently by announcing that after the war he will continue his policy of unilateral withdrawals. Although he made the statement for the benefit of the foreign press, the national-religious and right-wing public is pretty angry.

I've come across this, at Ha'aretz:
Olmert was forced to fold, and at night his bureau issued a statement on his conversation with MK Effi Eitam, in which he said that the war in the North "has no connection to future political moves in other arenas."

Maybe there really is hope?


Anonymous said...

"Maybe there really is hope?"

Our hope does not depend on this PM's or any PM's statements.

Anonymous said...

These denials to his original statement remind me of Yossi Sarid telling us that what Arafat meant by Jihad was "overcoming the evil inclination" (Johanesburg mosque 1995).
Those who know how to read between the lines did not have to wait for Olmert's statement to know that this is the way he thinks.

Daniel Greenfield said...

more likely he's politically savvy enough to recognize poor timing and will delay talk about his plans for a bit

yitz said...

Thank you all for commenting.

BOB: You don't have to convince me, I trust that only the Ribono Shel Olam is going to take us out of this mess. But I was just wondering "b'derech haTeva" if there's some hope on the horizon.

YONI: You may indeed be right, but this might indicate that pressure from the right can affect him, & perhaps ENOUGH pressure can turn things around!

SULTAN: Agreed, but see my comment to Yoni.