Monday, August 28, 2006

The "Spin" War

I still can't figure out what the recent war between Israel and Hezbollah is called. On Arutz 7, it's called the Re-Engagement War. Now there's even a poll asking readers' opinions for a name.

Various politicians and "experts" are debating how it ended or who won. So maybe we should just call it the "Spin" War, since victory and defeat are just "illusions" in our modern world.

One thing I do know is that it pointed out, very close to home, how seriously, incompetently the Israeli Army has been run in recent years. And it's no secret. The reservists haven't been shy about revealing the horrors of insufficient arms and food supplies and of unnecessary danger and death. And how can the army complain when reporters were right there with them on the front lines. Top officers arrived with their pet journalists and photographers, but there was no food for the troops!

Now there's a "cease fire," though no one will venture a guess for how long.

In spite of it all, Israel is doing its best to be the ultimate "yuppie" country, and whoever can is busy trying to get last minute vacations telescoped into the last few days before school resumes. Tourist businesses in the north are being creative. There are even "See the War" tours!

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