Saturday, August 26, 2006

Guilt? Rather Complex

There's strong popular support for some sort of official inquiry in Israel about the "conduct of the war." PM Olmert probably realizes by now that he doesn't have a choice. That's not all that great, since I can't imagine a commission that would be totally impartial.

Now if Olmert was really smart, he would now protect himself (and Defense Minister Peretz can use the same basic tactic) by stressing that he had been busy running Jerusalem when the officers were being trained and the inventory was supposed to be updated and when the "Intelligence Services" were supposed to be reporting that Hezbollah was turning Southern Lebanon into an armed camp.

If he can show written reports that misled him about the army's condition etc...

That's not to erase that Olmert is not suited to be Prime Minister, that his policies endanger the security of the country. I thought that Olmert was a "detail man." He doesn't know how the army is run, and he doesn't understand "defense." Peretz is no better.

We need a new government, but not with Ya'alon. I've gotten a slew of reactions to my Ya'alon piece. Some are totally in agreement with me, and even most of those opposed, do agree that I have valid questions.

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