Wednesday, August 2, 2006

UPDATES on Some Prior Posts

The letter "Dear World," which was in my first post, is now a video. Excellent depiction of the letter, and certainly worth a 5-minute viewing!

Naomi Ragen's article, "Cry to Those Using Babies," which was part of my Quote of the Day, is online at Ha'aretz and Arutz 7.

QANA: EU Referendum has two updates, here, and this one is an interesting attempt at a rebuttal from the MSM. Surely there are a lot of unanswered questions here.

And Israel Insider has a further update, which includes this:
Meanwhile, the Lebanese Red Cross reported on Monday that only 28 bodies, 19 of them children, were removed from the rubble. The count is half that of the 50-60 bodies still being reported by news agencies, quoting Lebanese security officials.
Also worth repeating is Nicholas of Victoria, Canada's comment:
First, there was a missile launcher on the building.

Two, disabled children and a few caretakers, were placed into the building.

Three, only 28 bodies were found, and not the over fifty as suggested by the terrorists to the media.

, Israel
sent missiles to the missile launchers between 12 and 1pm.
Five, The building exploded 7-8 hours later.

Six, All the photos were taken, while the sun was still rising. This is noticeable by the level of the shadows on the faces of the rescue workers.

Seven, the rescue workers posed the victims, for the media. The posses were not natural, and repeated.

Eight, there was little or no respect for the dead. Unlike other people, who prefer that the dead are not filmed, or exploited, these people deliberately exploited the situation.

Nine, There were very few, if any Hizbullah dead. This shows they left the women and the children, in the building, while knowing full well, they were killing them.

Hizbullah, therefore, not only committed an atrocity against humanity, they staged it very badly.

So, where is the UN outrage? I suppose that a UN meeting will be called, to look at the gross atrocities, as committed by the terrorists? I will not hold my breath on that one!

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