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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We've been saying this all along!

It's all so obvious!

Committee Finds: Withdrawal from Yesha Dangerous 12:21 Aug 15, '06 / 21 Av 5766
by Hillel Fendel

A committee appointed by Foreign Minister Tzippy Livny has found that a unilateral Disengagement from most of Judea and Samaria would be dangerous and of little or no value.

Olmert and gang must resign!


yitz said...

Yes, all so obvious, Batya - to YOU, ME, your other readers, etc. But to the MSM, and the typical Israeli voter? Will this story hit the Ma'ariv, Ha'aretz, and Yediot/Ynet crowd? Will they be brave enough to carry this message?

There is some hope, based on this poll
described in ynet:
""Survey: 58 percent believe Israel only achieved small part of objectives, if at all; Kadima, Labor would crash were elections held today, poll shows. 66 percent believe the agreement is not good – only a quarter of those said this is the best agreement that can be obtained under the circumstances. Overall, 38 percent said the deal is not good but Israel had no choice but to accept it."

Eric said...

Olmert absolutly must not resign. He may have to take responsibility for bungling the situation, but resigning sends the signal that Hezbollah can topple an Israeli government, and that is unacceptable. It will be painted by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah as the first step toward the destruction of the Jewish state and will use that rallying point to increase radicalisation even ore than they have.