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Tuesday, August 8, 2006


THERE IS a palpable sense in Israel that we are on the edge of a revolutionary moment. Our national leadership in the government, the IDF and the media has utterly failed us.

-- Caroline Glick in today's Jerusalem Post

Hat tip: IRIS blog


A Simple Jew said...

That sure is a sobering thought....oy gevalt.

goyisherebbe said...

The majority of the people are not ready for revolution. They are still tranquilized by the television and other MSM (mainstream media).

A Simple Jew said...

GR: Hopefully, this war will be a wake up call to everyone who relies on MSM for the news. I know that I sure don't.

josh said...

I also do not think that most Israelis are ready for the revolution. Only a couple of months after the expulsion/disengagement did I realize why the masses did not join in a mass civil revolution. A) there was no local precendent, B) the vast majority of orange folks are also media brainwashed to some extent, C) the residents of Gush Katif were not themselves showing any signs of fighting and the rest of 'us' subconsciously (IMO) didn't see the point to put their own necks on the line if the victims themselves had given up.

Well, the direct result of this was A) the Hebron surrender to a faked agreement, and only a week later B) the Amona uprising.

In the aftermath of Amona, we have two voices; those who are afraid of getting their skulls crushed (or letting their children go fight the stormtroopers) and those who think that they have what it takes to take on the police at least in trying to simply outnumber the security forces.

But in the end, what it goes down to is that there is only so far you can stretch an elastic before it either breaks or you must release the tension suddenly or gently. There is only so much defeatism that a human can take. Will the Israeli public accept this foreign-generated ceasefire? Yes. It will be sold nice and neatly by the politicians and media as the 'best that we could do under the situation'.

Right now I'm actually under 'tzav 8', I spent the past few days in the north and the conversation with other soldiers is incredible. You do not know how many times I've heard, 'the world will not let us do this and that'. Why should the man on the street (soldier on the front lines) care what the world thinks? Cuz that's what he reads in the tabloids that the army provides on the front lines.

Save the Caroline Glick editorial for another time.

yitz said...

Thank you all for your comments. We seem to be unaware of the power that blogs and the Internet has to disseminate info and to "take on", as it were, the MSM. Look what tiny EU Referendum has done with the MSM's idiotic handling of the Qana fiasco. And what about the Reuters photog who was recently fired because of exposure by blogs of his photo-doctoring?
I'm only pointing out that if Glick is already writing as she did, perhaps it is a riper time for implementing it. IMNSHO, only some sort of revolution - hopefully it will be Moshiach - can get us out of the "botz" [mud] that we are now in. Olmert certainly can't do it!!!
You're right that at Gush Katif our Orange brothers [and I consider myself one of them] were - too many of them - under sway of the MSM. I think that's changed after Amona. Nobody thinks that Olmert "won't" try to carry out his "convergence" plan.
To be continued...