Thursday, August 24, 2006

Moshe Ya'alon? An Improvement, or Part of the Problem?

Honestly, I can't figure out how people are supporting Moshe Ya'alon as a replacement for the present defense policy makers.

As I wrote in the simplest language possible here, just because Peretz was caught holding "bag," doesn't mean that he created that awful situation. Olmert's guilty of agreeing, especially requesting, that dangerous "cease-fire agreement," but the people responsible, guilty of our lack of preparedness are those who were running the Defense Establishment these last six years, ever since Barak ordered the soldiers to flee. And foremost among those generals was Moshe Ya'alon.

His recent popularity has me very worried. According to the IMRA poll, which at this moment is not yet on its site:

Do you personally support the entrance of former
COS Bogie Yaalon into Israeli politics?
Support 55.6%

Oppose 24.0%

Don't know 20.4%
Among those who voted Likud, 88.2% support

Of the following who would you like to be defense
minister in the coming years?
Mofaz 17.4%

Peretz 4.5%

Yaalon 28.9%

Barak 10.4%
Others 16.3%

Don't know 22.6%

Am I the only one asking why he was silent during his years as Chief of Staff? From 2002 to 2005, he was the one responsible for everything going on in the army. He is more responsible for the state of the IDF than Amir Peretz and Ehud Olmert. Ya'alon succeeded Shaul Mofaz, who has shown himself to be an extremely ambitious politician, switching parties and policies with ease!

Ya'alon is no innocent, when it comes to the question of who was the was supposed to be making sure that the IDF was ready for war! And as Chief of Staff from 2002 to 2005, he had to have known what Hizbollah was doing in Southern Lebanon. Ya'alon should be investigated, not considered as a savior.

Chodesh Tov and Shabbat Shalom


Anonymous said...

good to hear a sane voice on this subject. this is still another of our problems. Olmert said at one point that the army didn't give him a plan that he didn't agree to, and we could say the same thing about ourselves regarding leaders. we reach into the candy bag, and pull out another of the boys who all went to the same school; some are bad, and some are worse! what we have to do is really change direction, and not pick the "lucky" guy (like Rabin) who was out of town when the whole circus fell apart!

yitz said...

I'm no expert, but Bogie was ONE OF THE FEW of the 'upper echelon' who came out AGAINST the "disengagement", throwing our brethren outa Gush Katif. He paid with his honesty with his job, as Sharon didn't renew his position, & replaced him with Halutz. You don't relate to this at all. This seems to be the reason that he is so popular now, esp. among the right. I really think it the GOV'T, especially the Prime Minister [Netanyahu, Sharon, Olmert] and Defense Minister [Shaul Mofaz, Peretz] who are most guilty for allowing the Hizbullahs to build up for the last SIX years!
I'd appreciate your response to this...

Batya said...

Thanks, Shimonz.
Yitz, Disengagement was announced in 2003; when did Ya'alon come out against? He was still head honcho in 2005.

Remember, I pegged Uzi Landau exactly right. And lots of people were angry with me, until he did what I had predicted.

Sammy_Finkelman said...

>> Am I the only one asking why he was silent during his years as Chief of Staff? From 2002 to 2005, he was the one responsible for everything going on in the army. He is more responsible for the state of the IDF than Amir Peretz and Ehud Olmert.<<

You are correct. See Parting Shots
By Ari Shavit Haaretz Magazine 3 June 2005

Haaretz web page seems to be down

But you can find this interview numerous places, like here:

"....In the realm of conventional wars, we have succeeded. Our sword
is sheathed. Why is it that the army no longer has to fight wars of the 1967 and 1973 type? Because of our might..."

That is actually understood as one of the big mistakes. They thought they didn't - so they didn't prepare - reserves not trained - reserve depots not stocked or even possibly stolen from or used up.

"...Because of the advantage we have acquired, which is mostly
blue-and-white. The Israeli brain, Israeli technologies, Israeli
fighters. That is why the sword is sheathed. But in the sphere of
terrorism and in the sphere of the other capabilities which are trying
to bypass the army and strike at the civilian population, our
sword must remain drawn. It must remain drawn every day."

Any prediction about the possibility of Hezbollah rockets?


Not only that. he also said that israel did not have to worry about Iran. Maybe he is right, but he didn't explain it.

Q. Do you harbor an existential fear?

"Of course. In the intelligence appraisal I submitted in 1998 I said that the existential threat lies precisely in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Not Iran and not Syria and not Iraq, which still existed then. Those are not existential threats. There is one internal existential threat which concerns me very much, but I will not discuss it as long as I am in uniform. [Internal Jewish division?] But the external existential threat is the Palestinian threat."

"Not that I am not concerned that Iran will have a nuclear bomb. But I am not worried that the bomb will fall here." [He is that sure they will use it only in Iraq, or not at all?] I am worried about submerged processes it is liable to foment in the region. Whereas in the Palestinian case, I see that a combination of terrorism and demography, with question marks among us about the rightness of our way are a recipe for a situation in which there will not be a Jewish state here in the end."

Q. Your outlook is exceptional - you are not part of the Israeli consensus.

"That is nothing new. Since November 1999 I have seen the writing on the wall: a war is about to break out. And I have to deploy for war when the situation of the Israeli consciousness is that peace is around the corner, that by summer of 2000 we will have peace. But even afterward, even after the fire erupts, there is a disparity between my conception of the confrontation and that of the people I work with. I remember myself coming to cabinet meetings and meetings of the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee during the war and asking myself where they are living and where I am living. The gaps are enormous. The feeling is that you are fighting over a hollow arena."

So he saw only a problem with limited means terrorism.

Batya said...

thanks, Sammy

goyisherebbe said...

I agree. This is the usual damage control by which the powers that be in Israel and their foreign New World Order handlers replace the tarnished politicians in a bait-and-switch move which will lull the public including the settlers' Judenrat (Moetzet Yeshu) into a false sense of security. Sharon was groomed for years to be this kind of Trojan horse. In the case of Boogie Yaalon, he is in the same category as Bibi Netanyahu, who jumped from the sinking ship at the last moment. I also heard that the problem was that Yaalon got into trouble with then-Defense Minister Mofaz for not appointing his nephew to an army command. The fact is that when the Americans start with the carrot and the stick, an Israeli without emuna or basic knowledge will chicken out. The public is not willing to chance even a drop in standard of living for the sake of some settlers. Of course it's not just us, it's the whole country. People also don't realize that the Americans in the State Dept. and intelligence community are the friends of the military-industrial-oil complex and not of Israel and the Jews. That is why the US did little to save the Jews in the Shoah and keeps Jonathan Pollard in prison. End of rant.

Batya said...

Thanks, "goyishr"
I've gotten flack on this one, mostly email, but nobody has really answered my basic questions.
To me anyone who ran the army during those 6 years is involved in the cover-up.
And even his supporters say he's NOT RIGHT WING!

Sammy_Finkelman said...

I should add - to be operfectly fair, Yaalon - and maybe this became - maybe before him - the doctrine of the whole Israeli armed forces - relied on deterrence.

And maybe also on air power to halt an classical offessive.

They also did not know about the anti-tank misisles that hezbollah had - although they knew Syria did I suppose - so they started out

M. Simon said...

The Trophy system worked well.

The trouble is not enough tanks had it.

BTW Israels problem is socialism.

I keep waiting for an Israeliu blog to deal with that issue.

You can see it all over the world. The more socialist the state, the weaker the state.

M. Simon said...

Getting out of Gaza coupled with the battle in Lebanon has hurt the left seriously.

Now maybe it wasn't worth the price, but you can't say nothing good came out of it.

OvadYah Avrahami said...

If this observation about Ya'alon is correct, then we have a SERIOUS problem - even so, if it is not correct.

In fact, let us be honest: WE DO NOT HAVE leaders with that which it needs to get Israel to conquer. Center left will no doubt be drawn left, and 'right' has proven for many years now that it has not got the guts to stand up against even a minority of leftist opposition.

WHY? Because there are no prospective leaders who will stand or fall by the Divine Mandate given to Israel to take Possession of the Land. It just is not REAL to them, or to 95% of the nation.

So, if it is true that Israel has been guarded by HaShem to this greatest threatening point for Israel ever, then it remains to see how long His patience will last with his rejecting and doubting followers. If the last 6 weeks fiasco is any indication, then we have had it! Could any one blame Him for deserting our army and leaders? Denying this frightening possibility, would mean that He is approving of our squandering of our Inheritance (the Land) and for occupying our model IDF with a War on Jews rather than on the enemy with no substantial protest by the nation - or that He has no ineterest in Israel at all, which would be equally disasterous!

It seems clear that we have NO HUMAN power or mind to trust to guide us through the Coming Time which our Prophets and Sages declared in, and from our Scriptures, to be the "Time of the End" - Gog and Magog War.

WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE US? To trust our Guardian of the Ages Alone! To confide in Him and see that we get our loved ones to believe and prepare for this. Is there a sounder foundation to be on?

If anyone has any doubts that we are facing just such a Time of total annihilation (but for the Intervention of HaShem fighting on our side Himself), then please read ZacharYah ch. 12 - 14 and Yechzekel ch. 38,39 & 20

So, amongst all the gloom, we truly have enough reason to be Joyful - IF we trust in and subject to Him Alone.

Batya said...

Yes, we do have a major problem.
Ya'alon is suited to the Labor Party, at best. But I'm still terribly suspicious of him.