Tuesday, August 22, 2006

No Surprise! They're all involved.

I'm not surprised that the Defense minister freezes war inquiry. I'm also not surprised that Bibi has been silent over the issue.

The bad decisions and incompetent planning and policies have been going on for a very long time. We've all been guilty of trusting the military to know what they're doing. Even those of us "on the right," as cynical and paranoid as many of us are, never imagined that it was that bad.

We're now more than a generation past the Yom Kippur War, 1973. Our disastrous failure was due to the politicians insisting on trusting their "philosophy/ideology," rather than facts on the ground. The same thing happened now. The problem is worse, because it has been so many years, since (if ever) our defense policies has been based on reality. As we've seen these past few weeks, the problems can no longer be hidden or glossed over.

The guilt isn't of just a few people. For decades the Israeli Governments have adopted faulty policies.

Now soldiers, especially the reservists, are coming home from the war angry and disgusted. Somehow Olmert's government is still in power, but more and more complaints and legal problems are popping up, meaning that when "Humpty Dumpty" finally falls, the fall-out may reach far.

Yesterday I visited the Israel Movement for Quality Government vigil demanding an impartial inquiry in the conduct of the war. I took these pictures.They're between the Supreme Court Building and the government offices.

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