Thursday, August 10, 2006

All kinds of people talking 'bout revolution

Funny thing about being a new or guest blogger is that you forget you have a forum. I was looking at Abracadabrah just now. Here's a dude in New York who purports to know that IDF officers were using the "C-word" privately about the government. I wouldn't mind if they privately used the F-word. But the C he meant was not like that, but coup. Like Sweet Caroline's column, referenced here the other day, on revolution. As if the guy in New York knows what goes on in the bowels of the Kirya or various military commands. He also says that the political alternative is Netanyahu or a general. So I commented over there as follows:
Netanyahu, who gave up part of Hevron, thereby allowing the sniper assasination of innocent baby Shalhevet Pas, or another general, are not acceptable alternatives. I would like to see someone like Moshe Feiglin, Benny Elon or Aryeh Eldad. Or Mashiach, of course. Wait till the missiles hit Tel Aviv. The faintheartedness of the leftist secular Israeli leadership goes back a long way. After the '29 Hevron massacre, the Zionist leadership did nothing to strengthen the Jewish community of Hevron because they were the old kind of Jews, learning Torah and doing mitzvot. In WWII Hungary, the betrayal of the "wrong" Jews led by Kastner (reference: Perfidy by Ben Hecht). Cut to the betrayal of Begin and slaughter of the Altalena by the force commanded by Rabin and the refusal to fight seriously for the Old City of Jerusalem (too many old-style Jews again). Yehoshua Ben-Zion went to prison in '74 for the crime of succeeding in banking in competition with Histadrut's Bank Hapoalim. Rav Kahane was ostracized, then assassinated for being a proud Torah Jew and being right about the Arabs. Deri went to prison for being too successful in building Shas. Arutz-7 was taken off the air despite a Knesset law legalizing it, struck down by Aharon Barak's Supreme Court. The silencing was needed for the destruction of Gush Katif, whose crime was challenging the kibbutz mafia in the field of agriculture. G-d is mad at the Israeli oligarchs, but He has patience. But how much?
But then I realized I am a citizen of the blogosphere and moreover haven't posted for a few days. So I hightailed it back to the friendly neighborhood of virtual Shiloh to say my piece. If you are talking about ex-generals, by the way, I would like to see the next government include Effie Eitam, despite my criticism of him for defusing the most recent expulsion from the evil mouth of Olmert. Another ex-general on my good-guy list is former Chief of Staff Moshe (Boogie) Ya'alon, given the boot by Sharon for opposing the disengagement. But we want Mashiach, Messiah, the real one, accept no substitutes and no wooden nickels. [Note: I am on a roll here and am not going to look up the exact references following. Maybe later in a comment.] The Rambam in the Misheh Torah, Laws of Kings, tells us that the Mashiach will be a person who learns and practices Torah and leads others to do likewise as well as fighting the wars of G-d. Eventually he will have to defeat all the enemies, bring in all the exiles and build the Temple, but if he does the previous things he provisionally gets the benefit of the doubt. If he dies, he is removed from consideration. But the Chabadniks still learn the Rambam. Isn't tunnel vision marvelous? The gemara in Sanhedrin says that Mashiach is currently in chains and diseased at the gates of Rome. Here's a wild idea I've been kicking around for a while, mostly to myself. If you want a person who is in chains (imprisoned) at the gates of Rome (today's empire: the US), who fought the wars of Hashem while working in US intelligence and got nailed for it. Today he keeps the Torah as best he can in prison and encourages others to do so. Remember his stirring message for Gush Katif? Yep. And he suffers from bad health because of what they did to him there. For my two cents' worth, the best visible candidate, as opposed to somebody we've never heard of, is Jonathan Pollard. There are a lot of good Torah fighters around here, and some of them may be in jail from time to time, but not over there, yet, to my knowledge. But that is a wild guess because I don't know and neither do you. But we want Mashiach. We really do. Because the bad stuff is really flying around, and it ain't healthy for Jews in the world today. Since I am aware that I am not a prophet, I color this post the color of horse manure, brown.

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