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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Heard at the pool...

Ladies swimming hours, and the ladies are mothers, mothers of soldiers...

Talk is of...
  • near misses
  • miracles
  • sons' stories from the front, and they're very similar to:

Class war in the IDF, Soldiers unhappy with war handling , Testing Time for Israel’s Leaders , UPI Analysis: Israel Lost and More to Come ,

Did you really think that all we talk about is food and fashions? Honestly, those topics never come up. We do discuss our children and grandchildren, but today there was talk about how they handle death. Words of wisdom from two and three year olds, who seem wiser than the government ministers. Home-grown army officers more responsible than the PM and COS.

Shavua Tov, Shavua Yoter Tov!

Have a Good Week, Have a Better Week!


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