Saturday, August 19, 2006

The plaster's not going to hold

In Hebrew, a "cover-up" is called "plaster." "L'tayech mashehu" is to "cover something up." It's dealing with the superficial, not a real repair. If there's a crack in the wall, and you just cover it with some plaster, it'll look good for a short time, but if it was caused by serious structural problems, things will only get worse, and the next time you see the crack....

That's what Israel has been doing with security problems. "Put on a happy face and send the boys home." And then:
"Oy veyismir! Are there really missiles aimed at us from Lebanon?"

No joke. And now, when over 118 Israelis soldiers have already been killed and dozens of Israeli citizens, too, and instead of taking responsibility for our security, our PM Olmert begged foreigners to come and take care of us.

Cooperative returning soldiers are being paraded before the media claiming that the war was run just right.

Innocent civilians are returning home to the north, desperate to see what's left of their homes, desperate to live normal lives again, desperate to believe that everything's just hunky dory.

I'd be scared out of my wits if I had to go up north. It's not safe. Our army didn't finish the job. The government told them to retreat, and they did. In the days of the "good Arik Sharon" the army would have finished the job. But what good did that do? Barak just handed it over to the terrorists, unilarterally, meaning not getting anything in return. But he called it "peace." It was just plaster.

The chance of the cease-fire holding isn't good. Hisbollah has a lot of international support. Honestly, I can't see the UN troops risking their lives for Israel.

Sorry, but I can't lie. This is my opinion.

Shavua Tov

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M. Simon said...

I'd rather be in Israel's position post war than Hizballah's.

The Bitter Taste of Victory