Monday, August 7, 2006

Are We Paranoid? Oil Prices Soar

Boy, the oil prices are getting high! $78.40 a barrel. That's like the barrel we're over, right? Isn't it cute that the world power elite, led by the oil cartels, with a cut for their Arab stooges, keep making money while American and Israeli soldiers and civilians are paying in blood. The Lebanese civilians are also caught in the middle. Our Palestinian neighbors who think they hate us are only brainwashed. If they only were a little more aware how closely they are related to us, perhaps they would think differently. That doesn't mean that we don't pull the trigger if they are coming to kill us, but things have to change, and they will. Yishmael was together with Yitzhak, the Torah tells us, at the burial of their father Avraham. Chazal tell us that the deeds of the fathers are reflected in the acts of the sons. Something similar, the return of Yishmael to Hashem and the family fold, will happen in the future. As usual the game is called divide and conquer or "let's you and him fight". How dumb are we? The powerful always have done that. The Romans did it, the British did it, now the Americans are doing it. Our despicable leaders are playing right into their hands. If we did teshuva, if we returned to Hashem, right now, it could be over. That's all it's about. And if you are davening for the welfare of all our people, soldiers and civilians, wounded, abducted, missing, in the line of fire, say a little word for Hashem to let the real bad guys have it between the eyes, too. We are seeing prophecies fulfilled from the Tanach and Chazal now, right before our eyes. The enemy laying waste to the north, all the people scurrying around asking where they will go, this is the prelude to the Geula, the Redemption. Is that Mashiach in a bomb shelter in Tzfat or Tiberias? Maybe and maybe not quite. But stay tuned for the next exciting episode.

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