Tuesday, August 15, 2006

...even on the TV news!

There have been rumors going around Israel about the unpreparedness of the army, lack of basic food and equipment for the soldiers, especially reserves, constantly changing instructions, etc.

Defense Minister Peretz's previous position as head of the Histadrut, Israel's main labor union, is ironically one of the causes. He organized strikes and demonstrations that literally paralyzed the nation, cost it billions in lost business. And the budget for his demands came out of the defense budget. Well, according to the Labor Party--remember, its Ehud Barak campaigned to flee Lebanon 6 years ago--there was peace, nu?

Another way of reducing defense spending was to delay restocking of battle rations and equipment--there was peace, nu?

Pollyanna politicians also promised less miluim, reserve duty. It seemed like a good deal, saved the army lots of money and let the guys stay home more--there was peace, nu?

That's OK, if...

if... we'd never have to go to war again! But there is a war, and suddenly the guys all showed up and discovered that they had really needed that month plus a year for training and practice. And food and equipment are also necessary.

As a mother of a reserve soldier, I'd been hoping that it wasn't as bad as the rumors, but then last night on TV, the reporters, showing live coverage of the guys leaving Lebanon, couldn't censor what they said, and they said:
We needed training!
I hadn't been called up for five years!
We were missing equipment!
It was one big balagan, foul-up!

Now, we must get those guys to keep up the protests and vote out the government. They are the living proof, the witnesses to the horrendous way the country is being run. They found Israeli equipment being used by the Hisbollah, which had been abandoned when Barak pulled Israel out of South Lebanon six years ago!

Down with Olmert and his Kadima crowd!
Resign and leave politics forever!


Anonymous said...

Olmert absolutly must not resign. He may have to take responsibility for bungling the situation, but resigning sends the signal that Hezbollah can topple an Israeli government, and that is unacceptable. It will be painted by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah as the first step toward the destruction of the Jewish state and will use that rallying point to increase radicalisation even more than they have.

Batya said...

Hizbollah wants him in!

The Israeli people want him out!