Thursday, August 10, 2006

Our Soldiers, Our Sons

When my neighbor, Moshe Keinan, began his protests about the perverser morality of the army, which endangers our soldiers to protect enemy civilians, the politicians and media treated him like an extremist crack-pot.

Moshe's son, Avihu, was killed in a badly planned army action which was designed to inflict minimal harm on the Arab civilian (terrorists), while exposing our soldiers to extreme danger. Avihu was killed before Rosh Hashannah, and Moshe vowed to march to Jerusalem during the Succot Holiday and demonstrate at the President's Residence. Many of us joined his march, and he then sat in a Succah for that week, was visited by many Israelis, including politicians and was even invited to meet with the President.

Tonight on the news, a recently bereaved mother echoed his words, charging that her son was needlessly killed because the army tactics protect the Arabs and endanger our soldiers.

More and more complaints are being heard here in Israel about dangerous tactics:
Reservists: War morality exacting high toll

We're even hearing complaints about the Left, something which not long ago was rare in our "elitest" press. Of course extreme leftists, like Yael Dayan, are still demonstrating for "peace now," totally oblivious to the danger it has caused our country.

Terrible stories are coming off the front-lines from wounded soldiers. This isn't the legendary IDF, which once could do no wrong.

G-d willing, a true leader will appear, and G-d willing, enough of us will understand and follow.


Anonymous said...

We had our chance Hashem sent us Rav Kahane zt'l and he is gone. I doubt Hashem will send us another truly great leader in our generation. We must make do with those of his followers that remain.

yitz said...

Our Sages had it right: one who is merciful towards the cruel, will end up cruel to the merciful. This "super-morality" is none other than mercy to the cruel, which perforce is cruelty to OUR SOLDIERS, OUR SONS, and let's add: OUR FATHERS, OUR HUSBANDS.
It's becoming clearer and clearer that only Moshiach can get us out of this, may he come soon!!!

goyisherebbe said...

"Galut mentality" is the thing that the secular "new Jews" once hit the hareidi "old Jews" over the head with all the time. The national-religious knitted kippot often chimed in on the chorus in the past. They don't go to the army, they don't raise a ruckus for this cause or that cause, don't take part fully in the public life of the country. But now we are seeing the ultra-secular leftist galut mentality rampant. The difference is that the hareidim at least have the tools of Torah to work with. The left has nothing but fear and nothing to define it with.

Anonymous said...

The morality is kiling us!
Our enimies treat is as weakness
and Olmert is hesitating...

Michael, Haifa

Batya said...

The truth is that their perverse "morality" is actually immoral.