Friday, August 18, 2006

No Surprise!

I may as well lead with the New York Times headline:
Hezbollah Leads Work to Rebuild, Gaining Stature

It does say it all, and anyone who thought it would be different must believe that Santa Claus is real and the Tooth Fairy is his sister-in-law.

Unlike Israel, which doesn't have any "rich uncles," to cover all repairs, rebuilding, restocking etc., Hezbollah is being totally and generously supported by Iran. And a large, generous and enthusiastic alliance of nations and organizations are making sure that the civilians are well-taken care of.

Returning Israeli soldiers report that the homes, schools, hospitals, etc in Southern Lebanon were military installations. The civilians fully cooperate with the Hizbollah, which I consider as the defacto government there. Lebanon does not rule.

Back in Israel...
Northerners returning home are having trouble finding the funds to get back on their feet. This also includes university students, who don't have the finances they had expected due to the war. Last night's TV news highlighted the problems schools in the north will be facing. Many were damaged, and even those standing don't have shelters for all the students, if attacks resume.

A poll on ynet shows that 63% of 7,862 voters consider
The UN Security Council's resolution is:
A defeat for Israel

You can vote, too.

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