Friday, August 18, 2006

Ellen's "Morning After" Vision

By Ellen W. Horowitz
Last week on the Tovia Singer Show, I mentioned that I want to be a fly onthe wall - with a Nikon camera - when the liberal humanist wakes up in themorning and realizes that he/she has been sleeping with monsters.So a friend introduces me to the term "coyote ugly" It's the name of amovie, a bar, and refers to the feeling of waking up after a one nightdrunken stand and discovering that you are beside someone who is sorepulsive that you would gladly gnaw off any of your limbs that he or she issleeping on just so you can get away without being discovered. It seemscoyotes will gnaw off limbs in order to escape traps.I guess I'm too old, frum, and removed from the contemporary scene to haveheard that term before, but now that I've been enlightened, I just had todraw this "morning after" cartoon.


M. Simon said...

No socialism in the cartoon?

Batya said...

You'll have to ask the cartoonist.