Monday, November 1, 2010

Too Bad There's No Such Thing as A Home Run With Bases Loaded in Soccer

Soccer Dad has saved the day with a Havel Havelim Memorial   לעילוי נשמת של רבקה l'ilui nishmata shel RivkA, to uplift RivkA's soul!  There's no one, no jblogger like Soccer Dad.  When he coordinated Havel Havelim, not only did he make sure there was an edition every week, hosting it whenever necesary, but he'd send extra suggested links to the host, beyond what we'd get from jbloggers who sent in in their own.  I thought about doing something like this memorial round-up for RivkA, but it was the one and only Soccer Dad who actually did it.  Thanks!

This isn't a comprehensive Havel Havelim.  It's just focused on family, community, the Jewish Blogging one.

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