Sunday, November 28, 2010

Havel Havelim at Homeshuling, Great Debut!

Homeshuling has joined the jblog carnival host club in hosting her first Havel Havelim.  Since she stuck to the "3 posts per blogger," rather than per blog (or unlimited,) I was curious as to which of my posts she'd include.  I have no idea at all how many I had submitted.  My practice is to send them in after posting if I consider them on a sufficiently suitable HH level.  And, no, I don't send in everything I post.  There are some excellent bloggers who barely post three times a week, so the three posts limit is very generous for them.  Between my two blogs I post a minimum of three times a day, almost never less than that.  Amy chose three very different posts from my blogs for which I thank her sincerely.

This edition of Havel Havelim includes a great variety of posts from the jblog world.  Take a look. 

Just a reminder that the next Kosher Cooking Carnival will soon be hosted by Mirj of Miriyummy.  Please don't forget to send in your kosher food posts, everything about kosher food will be on the KCC menu.

How can I leave out JPIX? Leora is hosting the next edition.  For most of us Chanukah is a very photographed holiday, so be sure to send your posts to JPIX.

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