Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here's a Translation for that great animated map of Israel, showing the dangers of an Arab terror state

In the previous post I said that there must be a translation.  Here it is thanks to Naftali and Love of the Land, from which all this English commentary is quoted.
31 October '10

A very special thanks to Naftali Greenwood for providing an English text translation of the film.
Did you know?

  • The Judea-Samaria mountain range constitutes 23% of Israel's area.
  • The Judea-Samaria mountain range is 55 km. wide; sovereign Israel between the Green Line and the Mediterranean Sea is only 15 km. wide.
  • The distance from Kefar Sava to the Green LIne is all of 2 km.
  • The Judea-Samaria mountain range looms to a height of 1000 meters over Tel Aviv.
  • Whoever controls Judea-Samaria can hit most of Israel's cities directly and indirectly.
  • Judea-Samaria abuts Jerusalem from three directions: north, east, and south.
  • Jerusalem will become an Israeli enclave within a Palestinian state, connected to the rest of the country via a narrow Palestinian-controlled corridor.
Judea-Samaria -- a mountainful of security!


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You got your wish.

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I spoke to Naftali Bennet about it when he was here.

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