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Monday, November 22, 2010

Demonstrating for The Land, People and State of Israel!

No doubt why it was hot as hell at yesterday's anti-freeze of Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria demonstration in Jerusalem at the Prime Minister's Offices.  We didn't have a bus from Shiloh.  I went to the demonstration with neighbors.  As you can see in the pictures, there were many high school students there.  We were rather surprised when greeted by these large signs indicating that the girls were to stand on one side and the boys on another.  My husband and I had met for the first time at a demonstration to give freedom, civil and religious rights to Soviet Jews.  It was on Tisha b'Av, 1967, and organized by the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry, SSSJ.  We were both post-high school at the time.  Apparently, the high school administrations and demonstration organizers didn't want a social event.

Ever since the unuccessful struggle against Disengagement, Ariel Zilber has been a very welcome and enthusiastic fixture at pro-Jews in the Land of Israel demonstrations.

The sign below says:
"A Palestinian State is An Immediate Danger."

I think this sign is the perfect slogan, short, sweet and in rhyme!
Build Houses
Plant Trees
Our Answer
To The Freeze
Even my Hebrew-speaking friends liked it!

My neighbor stuck this sticker to my bag and photographed me.  It says:
Binyamin Netanyahu:
Yes, You Can Say "NO!"

There were a number of Likud MK's and cabinet members in attendence.  They were even invited to the podium to address the crowd.  Don't be impressed when you read their names in the paper, because most of them had to be painstakingly urged to attend.  I hope to have the opportunity to interview the person who spent hours on the phone at his own expense trying to get them to show public support for Jewish Civil Rights in the Land of Israel.  Thousands voted Likud just to get them in the Knesset to protect Jewish Civil Rights.  They haven't been doing it.  It's obvious.

Nobody had to lobby Ichud Le'umi (National Union) MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari to attend.  I spoke to him and Baruch Marzel at the demonstrtion.  I'm very happy with my vote which got Ben-Ari in the Knesset.  He is dedicated to Jewish Civil Rights in the Land of Israel.  He doesn't try to be "moderate" or "center."

Another 100% sincere, dedicated and consistent activist, idealist is Women in Green's Nadia Matar.  I was glad to find her at the demonstration, not because I thought she wouldn't be there, but because there were so many demonstrators I couldn't find everyone I was looking for.

And then, like the proverbial icing on the cake, as we drove back home to Shiloh we saw dozens of young women marching on the road.  No surprise that they are students in Ulpanat Ma'ale Levona, the girls high school in Ma'ale Levona who are legendary in their love of the Land of Israel and lack of fear in the face of government persecution.

There is an ongoing struggle between those who are totally for Jewish Civil, Human, National and Religious Rights and those willing to endanger our very existence. Yes, it's that simple.


Anonymous said...

1. i would translate it as 'existential' rather than 'immediate.'
2. why only religious zionists at this demonstration?
3. havent we learned that demonstrations really dont matter that much?

Batya said...

a, ask the chareidim and chilonim why they weren't at the demonstration.
Demonstrations do "matter," even if the results aren't immediately to our liking.

Hadassa said...

The separation of the genders, to many rabbis a halachic imperative, was probably partly to encourage the hareidim to join "our" protests. In the past the hareidim have complained, correctly IMHO, about the lack of modesty during protests.

Students from fifth grade and up (residents of Judea, Samaria and high school students of said area) were given a day off from school by the YESHA Council and bused to the protest with their teachers. How many other people were there? Did anyone take a day off from work to attend? Does anyone think that this protest had any value at all? If so, please explain. It seems to me, and many of my neighbors, to be just another example of the YESHA Council trying to show everyone that they're doing something when they're not. Non-violent protests have never accomplished anything and when the YESHA Council bans burning tires and even blocking highways, how do they expect anyone to take them seriously?
Having the students build "illegally" would have been a much better protest.

P.S. Nadia Matar caved in to the IDF's demands when she was one of the leaders in the struggle at the hotel in Gush Katif.

Anonymous said...

Anony--I understand what you're saying about demonstrations but they can fire people up and that can translate into voting power and the election or defeat of a politician.


I love the "Yes, you CAN say no" sign.

No is a complete sentence.


Batya said...

Hadassa, good points. Binyamin didn't get the buses Shomron got. I went with a moetza-paid worker in her car. Other people didn't take off. I'm underemployed.

Most people won't go to demonstrations. Rabin burnt us and then Disegaement finished the job. But people are building...

Keli, yes, it's a good feeling to see the enthusiasm of the kids.

Nazis for Israel said...

Yes, join the demonstrations.

More Lebensraum for the jewish people!

Batya said...

better than your judenrein

Batya said...

Why? A slogan must be easily understood.

Shy Guy said...

Batya, don't feed the Nazi trolls.

Batya said...

Thanks, Shy, "metupal"

Azriel said...

I am in full support of Israel retaining all of her land and I oppose Obama, and think he is evil. Israel should not , and will not be divided lest those who try will be cut to pieces.Every person should have the right to worship their G-d Yehoshua -Hayah; The Lord G-D, Hayah ; Your Forgiveness as they would be led of JEHOVAH as long as it doesn't hurt another, sadly the orthodox don't feel the same, as they stoned and bloodied, and broke a man's nose at a peacefull Jews for Jesus rally.The same happened to Jeremiah, and many of the Prophets, and still today you have not learned!The ttgreat tome of sorrows is coming of Daniel! How is this what they did any different than what Hitler did?It is not of G_D! I do understand both sides and am saddened that men cannot sit in peace and reason with their brother.The ones who seek to divide Israel are not True Christians, but decievers posing as Christians. You have let men decieve you from the true words of G-d.Do you seek peace when you reject the only friends who stand with you?The ones who worship; The G-d of Israel.Isaiah 1;2,3 .I will not push my Faith in your G-d down your throats, as I withdraw myself from you.I speak the words ; Of the G-d of Israel;Hear oh Israel; Not all Israel is Israel!as one day ; G-d shall unvail your eyes and you will weep, that still He Loves you! Shalom