Sunday, November 14, 2010

HH at the Rebbetzin's Husband.

I almost called it, "HH, A Category of My Own," since the latest Havel Havelim ends with a selection of my posts just listed.  When I was a frequent HH host, I did that to a blogger who sent me a slew of  posts just before the deadline.  Mine are sent throughout the week.  I don't know why the Rebbetzin's Husband put me in that sort of obviously unreviewed corner, but at least they are there with the rest of the collection of jblog posts.

This Havel Havelim is The Stephen Harper Tribute Edition, and the Rebbetzin's Husband explains that Harper, the Canadian Prime Minister is a good friend of Israel, a rarity in this world.

Check out HH and all the posts on all the jblogs.  Tell them I sent you! 

Shavua Tov
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The Rebbetzin's Husband said...

Thanks for linking; I gave you your own category because you submitted 8 posts. No judgment passed, it's just so much volume that it warrants its own space. I would do the same for anyone who submitted more than 3.

Batya said...

OK, they are from two totally different blogs. I'm a Gemini, if that explains it. Also, my custom is to send in my link just after posting, rather than waiting until the last second. By Thursday/Friday, I haven't a clue how many posts, or which, I've sent.
Sincere thanks for including them all. And I've already seen on sitemeter that people visited via your blog. So, thanks, again.

JDL London Canada said...

Our PM is a brave man and there are parties that want to dethrone him and continue with 'business' as usual that being, the rancor against Israel. My concern is that the muslims here will 'test' him as they have done in other countries and made those leaders change their positions, or reinforce the negative ones about Israel.

I'm a Conservative and I voted for Mr. Harper's party and many other feel the way he does but it is still an uphill battle.

You can see why.

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