Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tzachi Hanegbi, What Happened?

Israeli public figures are (or used to be) a lot more accessible than in many countries.  Tzachi Hanegbi and his parents, Geula Cohen and Emanuel Hanegbi, Z"L, are/were personal friends of ours.  We've been to each others smachot, festive occasions.  That makes Tzachi's legal trouble especially troubling for me personally.

I've been following Tzachi's career for a long time, ever since he was a kid.  He inherited good things from his parents, his mother's intelligence and his father's easier nature.  He can put on the "shows" like his mother, but he can turn them on and off.  Geula is totally sincere and idealistic, while Tsachi is calculating.  I used to think of him as pragmatic, but his actions over the years have proven him to be more opportunistic, sans a strong moral compass.

At a young age, Tzachi showed amazing talent as a politician working very effectively behind the scenes in addition to his public persona.  He and Ehud Olmert are very similar in that way.  They could have become great rivals, but instead they joined forces in the Likud and then Kadima.  The decade between them in age could be the reason; Olmert is older.

The big difference between Olmert and Tzachi's corruption convictions is that Olmert has been accused of personally benefiting, while Tzachi is "just wheeling and dealing."

Apparently, Tzachi's punishment is just a "slap on the wrist," because he can run again for the Knesset and again be appointed to high office.  Has this changed him?  I doubt it.  He has shown no signs of repentance, recognizing that his political games just for power, not for ideology are the cause of his problems.  His mother, Geula Cohen, always considered ideology the most important thing, the opposite of Tzachi.  Tzachi and Randi have four sons; I wonder what they will end up being like.  Will they go for public life like Tzachi and his parents?  If so, will they be like Tzachi, or will they rebel and be like their paternal Grandmother, Geula Cohen?


Hadassa said...

He's one of the Expulsion backers getting his just deserts. I think his picture is shown in Ariel Zilber's "There is Judgement and a Judge" song video.

Anonymous said...

Music video:

Ariel Zilber: Yesh Din V'Yesh Dayan - English Subtitles

Your friend, Tzachi, gets his mention at around the 1:48 mark.

He got off too easy.

Hadassa said...

Since when is Tzachi my friend? Thanks for providing the link, Shy Guy. Hopefully this isn't the end. Tzachi may yet get more than a "slap on the wrist".
Ehthics of the Fathers 19:21 -
Man has many thoughts in his heart, but G-d's will will prevail
"רבות מחשבות בלב איש ועצת השם היא תקום

Batya said...

He, like Olmert, totally rejects the ideology they were raised with. G-d willing, Tzachi's kids will be more like their grandmother Geula.

Anonymous said...

Hadassa, I was referring to Batya's friendship with the Hanegbi family - not yours.

Hadassa said...

OK. Now I understand. Shabbat shalom!