Saturday, November 27, 2010

Who Looks at Those Full-Body Scans and Performs The Pat-Downs?

I was just wondering...
How does one get one of those jobs to stare at the full body scan or pat down (and inside?) the individuals who don't want the radiation?  Considering that these workers are those who decide if there's something that shouldn't be on/in us, who are they?  How did they get their job?  Who checked their security, reliability and power of discretion?

So I did a quick internet search "airport security jobs" and I quickly found this ad:
Airport Security Careers
TSA Careers

Where do your interests lay? There are numerous positions in the security field with unique roles and responsibilities, and each one is a vital part of our team. The list below shows some of the opportunities available at airports across the country and in U.S. Territories. The exact number and kinds of positions at an airport will vary depending on the size and particular needs of the location.

"Where do your interests lay?" That really gives me the creeps!

And here's more:
  • Interested in starting your career behind the scenes as part of our security staff? Click here to search for an opening near you.
  • Looking to work directly with travelers and being part of our team of Transportation Security Officers? Click here to find an opportunity near you.
  • Does your local airport participate in our Screening Partnership Program? Looking to join one of our private screening partners? Click here and find out how.
It seems much too easy to get a job in the TSA.

In the guide to passengers, they keep referring to "enhanced screening," as if they're advertising a better computer screen, TV or the latest 3-D movie.

In all honesty, even after reading all the latest on the TSA site, I feel less safe than before.  It seems pretty easy to sneak things in if one really wants to.  Also, there are so many, many people who work in airports in various capacities.  It's a real miracle that terror attacks aren't daily or at least more frequent.

What would I choose if those rules are still in force during my next trip, which still hasn't been scheduled, but should be?  I guess I'd prefer to be screened using advanced imaging technology; it's less personal.  If I was a frequent traveler, it's possible that I'd settle on the same-sex pat down, becase there's a limit to the amount of radiation I'd want to subject myself to.

Traveling is getting so complicated.

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